Bidding [TeamSpades (Zone)]
Team Spades (Zone) - Tue Sep 24 14:27:26 2002
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Currently, the rule reads;

Top twenty-five teams must open for challenges or bid on another game before they may participate in a match. When accepting challenges you must include your team name and rank. Challengers must do the same and include name or rank of the team they are challenging. A winner is determined by counting down. X XX XXX, on 3 separate lines. XXX signifies the close of the bid. The highest ranked, unplayed challenger gets the game. Lacking a challenge by an unplayed team, you MUST reopen and offer second games. All second games must be satisfied before you offer third games.

Do you want to change the rule to apply to;

Top Ten (10) Teams24 votes (20%)
Top Fifteen (15)60 votes (51%)
Keep it at Top Twenty Five (25)32 votes (27%)