Disconnects and Incomplete Matches[Team Pool (Yahoo)]
Team Pool (Yahoo) - Mon Aug 12 10:34:13 2002
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Disconnects and Incomplete Matches

If a player is disconnected, they have 10 minutes to return. If AFTER the 10 minutes, the booted player has not returned, this team has 2 options:

1) Forfeit the match and immediately report the loss.

2) Have a substitute continue for the departing player at the same stage of the game. A valid substitute is any player on the same team as the departing player who is not in another team match at the time. This player also must not have played in the other game of the match.

Note: If the team using the substitute wins, the substitute gets credit for the win. If the team loses, unless all players agree otherwise, the original player gets credit for the loss.

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