Game Settings [Team Pool (Yahoo)]
Team Pool (Yahoo) - Mon Aug 12 10:17:53 2002
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Game Settings

Teams have an option of tag team games or best of 3 tables. If best of 3 tables all games must be played on protected rated tables, with an optional timer if both teams agree.

If teams decide on tag team, tables must be unrated due to yahoo stipulations. Teams must agree the settings before the game starts If the teams cant agree the lower ranked team (the worst ranked team) will decide on tag team, or best of 3 tables.

A team loss must be reported before your team may play another game. Withholding reports will result in penalties. Make sure that you decide which player will report the match to confusion. Accidental multiple reports to a team due to poor communication will not be corrected by Case's staff.

Yes - Accept this rule5 votes (62%)
No - Do Not Accept this rule3 votes (37%)