Table Talk[Team Spades (Zone)]
Team Spades (Zone) - Fri Jul 26 10:39:42 2002
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Table Talk

Current rule reads;

Table chat during a game may not include any information regarding the play of the current hand or game in progress, regardless if it affects the outcome of the cards or not. This includes, but is not limited to, nnp (before the hand is over), cmap, tram, and bag them.

Do you want the rule to read;

Table talk is considered anything that is said that will effect the outcome of the game or hand. Play must be stopped at the time the table chat occurred and a ladder op called to the table. If a ladder op is unavailable a screen shot must be taken at time table chat occurred and submited with table chat in complaint. If op is unavailable to rule, and it is determined later that table talk did occur the game will be reversed, if needed.

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