#1 vs #2 Daily [ypinochle]
Pinochle (Yahoo) - Fri May 10 04:37:24 2002
The following Rule has been suggested to promote movement at the top of the ladder. Do you want to add this rule?

#1 vs #2 Daily

Our number 1 ranked player will play the # 2 ranked player on a daily basis provided he/she is in the lounge.

In addition, #1 must actively seek out #2 upon entering the lounge. If #2 is in the lounge but in a game, #1 must WAIT for the #2 ranked player to complete his/her game then set table for the title game. If #2 enters lounge and finds #1 in game, he/she should not field any challenges at this time but must WAIT for #1 to complete his game.

Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 500 rungs.

This rules supercedes all other challenges, including formals. All other top ten games will follow the 48 hr rule.

Yes - add this rule25 votes (32%)
No - do not add this rule51 votes (67%)