AFK (Away From Keyboard) [risk]
Risk (Zone) - Sun Feb 17 11:58:24 2002
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AFK (Away from Keyboard)

If you need to be "AFK" (away from keyboard) or on a "BRB" (be right back) from your computer, exit the ladder lobby. If you aren't available to play, leave the lobby until you are again able to monitor lobby chat. This deters misunderstandings with gamers trying to communicate and thinking they are being "IGNORED". If you are at a rank that generates lobby challenges or match requests, pay attention to the lobby chat and respond immediately to game requests. If there is no response that would be considered camping, "AFK" or "BRB". There will be no exceptions to this rule and violators will be penalized 10 rungs and one day in the penalty box.

Yes - add this rule27 votes (47%)
No - do not add this rule30 votes (52%)