1 VS 2 [easpades]
Spades (EA.com) - Wed Nov 28 07:49:28 2001
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1 VS 2

1 VS 2 is to be played at least every three days or a rank drop of 5 rungs will be issued to both 1 and 2. 1 VS 2 challenges must be played at the earliest possible time. This match is no different from any other in that it should be issued in chat and played on the spot. If you wish to set up a time to play in the future that is fine, but rank threatening matches to either player cannot be avoided or postponed based on the time scheduled to play this match. After completion of the 1 VS 2 challenge, whether 1 or 2 wins, both players must play all Top 10 Players available prior to another 1 VS 2 challenge being issued.

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