Formal Challenges [easpades]
Spades ( - Wed Nov 28 07:49:03 2001
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Formal Challenges

  • The formal challenge system is to only be used if other attempts at trying to get a game with a particular player have failed. It should not be used just because one can’t get a game the first time they challenge publicly. Players abusing the formal challenge system may be penalized.
  • Challenges using Case’s formal challenge system take priority over lobby challenges as long as the two players involved are available to play at the time. Neither player may decline a lobby challenge because they’re waiting for the other player in the formal to be available.
  • Formal challenges must be completed within three (3) days of being issued.
  • The formal challenge system does not recognize that the challenge has been played until there is a report between challenger and challenged, therefore cutthroat games may not be played to fulfill a formal challenge unless they are played 1V1 (2 winners per table) in a 4 way cutthroat game. If the cutthroat format is used to fullfill this challenge then both the challenger and the challenged should be able to choose one of the two remaining players.
  • The challenger has the right to specify the game settings or variation, and has first choice as to their partner. If the challenged player's preferred partner is not legal to play both the challenger and the challenger's partner, then the challenged player must choose a different partner or forfeit the challenge and report a loss to both the challenger and their partner.
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