Open Tables [ynaval]
Naval Command (Yahoo) - Sat Nov 10 08:10:36 2001
Do you want to add these to the rules?

Open Tables

A player is not allowed to have an open table if they have not satisfied all the valid challenges issued to them. When a player is going to open a table, they must announce it in lobby in advance and you cannot pre-invite players to the table. If you have invited several players to a table to play them, this is not a true open table and these rules will not be applied to such type table, but instead, will be treated as avoiding challenges if you do not answer valid challenges in the lobby.

Open Tables must be played in rank order.

Challenges may not be issued to the host of an open table, only when finished.

The maximum players allowed at an open table at one time is 5. All Top 20 players are encouraged to open tables often, daily if possible. All ranks are eligible, no rank can be excluded from open tables.

If you are waiting at an open table, you must still take your challenges. You can stop taking challenges when you are playing the host of the open table or when you become the very next opponent for the host of the open table. All other players should still be playing challenges and not camping!

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