What do you think the best plan of attack would be to fix the GSRs?
Euchre (Yahoo) - Thu Aug 2 15:55:07 2001
This vote is to gather opinions only--no change will be made based on the outcome.
Create a rule committee made up with players from this Ladder to revise the existing GSRs.27 votes (24%)
Create a rule committee made up from members of this Ladder. Get rid of the existing GSRs and come up with the minimum required GSRs needed to address the specifics of Euchre.52 votes (47%)
Have an outside 3rd party who is not so closely involved with our Ladder go over our GSRs and make revisions----eliminating the bulk of them most likely.10 votes (9%)
Eliminate the existing GSRs. Hold a Ladder meeting to determine how to proceed from there where GSRs are concerned.21 votes (19%)