Sub Rules For Bidding [yspades]
Spades (Yahoo) - Sun Jul 22 08:03:53 2001
Do you want to keep these current rules:

Before Bidding: You must have a partner ready to play before placing bids or be disqualified from (re)bidding on that game.

Bid Procedure - Partner: All players bidding on games MUST state their partner's name along with their bid.

or change to this:

Bid Procedure - Partner: You are not required to have a partner to bid on a game. Once the game is sold to you, you will then have 2 minutes to locate a partner. The host is to state time at the table - if you have not acquired a partner within 2 minutes, the game is to be rebid and you will be disqualified from the rebid.

Keep the current rule as is.28 votes (43%)
Change this to the new wording.37 votes (56%)