Top 20 Bidding Rule [yspades]
Spades (Yahoo) - Sun Jul 22 08:02:45 2001
Do you want to keep the current Top 20 Bidding Rule or change it to this:

Aside from Top 10 email challenges, all challenges must be made in Open Lobby 1 stating your rank, and the name or rank of the player you are challenging. Challenges through IMs, ICQs, or any other form of communication shall not be recognized. If two Top 20 Players are partnering, the highest ranked Top 20 Player must sell the game. When selling games (the actual Top 20 Player must do the selling of game) you must allow people ample time to get their bids in. The games are to be sold to players ranked below you. You may not immediately sell a game. You must enter 1x, 2x, 3x, and sold, your rank and the highest rank you are recognizing on separate lines before the game is officially sold, to give everyone ample opportunity to bid.

# 3 has 25 1x

# 3 has 25 2x

# 3 has 25 3x

sold to 25 table #xx

(whatever #) you do not count out every bidder, just the highest (closest to #1), and always going back to 1x when a higher bidder is found. If you bid out a game and no one bids on you, you can then either open the table (this means you must play the first player to the table - they have the choice to pick their own partner), or you can sell to yourself (this allows you to either invite anyone who you want to play or bid on an up game).

Keep the current rule as is.24 votes (40%)
Change this to the new wording.36 votes (60%)