Top 4 PlayOffs [yeuchre]
Euchre (Yahoo) - Fri Jul 6 14:29:43 2001
Do you want to keep this wording to match the Cut-Off time?

The Top 4 available players as of exactly 15 minutes prior to these start times will play a 6 game round robin series to vie for the Top 4 spots.

Yes - keep this wording so PlayOffs can start exactly on time (and eliminate any changes in the Top 4 after the cut-off time even if the game was started before the 15 minute cut-off time).18 votes (23%)
No - change it back to that those ranked and eligible in the Top 4 as of exactly when the PlayOffs start are to compete (if there are any changes in the Top 4 after the 15 minute cut-off time those changes will be accepted as long as the game started prior to the 15 minute cut-off time).59 votes (76%)