Top 100 Requirements [spades]
Spades (Zone) - Thu Apr 12 15:27:14 2001
Shall this be in the rules?

Top 100 Requirements

Top 100 ranked players must play a down game before every up game. A down game for a player is defined as a game in which all of the reports from the game are from or to a lesser ranked player.

Top 100 ranked players must either take bids for opponents in the lobby - bid on an up game - or partner another top 100 player who took bids or bid an up game.

If after 1 attempt no one bids the Top 100 ranked player must retake bids. If after a second attempt no one bids they may call an open table. Open table game may only be offered 1 time per day. The first member to sit may choose their partner.

Yes29 votes (78%)
No8 votes (21%)