Bidding Process [spades]
Spades (Zone) - Thu Apr 12 15:24:35 2001
Shall this be in the rules?

Bidding Process

Any player taking bids must announce their intent in the lobby and state their current rank. For example:

"#xx taking bids" (#xx = players current rank)

All bids must be made in the lobby stating the players current rank and the name or rank of the player they are bidding on.

Any player that begins taking bids or bidding on a game is required to follow through with this action. A player may not abandon the process.

Any player who bids on a game and is outbid shall remain available for others to challenge and may not challenge others until original person taking bids has closed the bidding process indicated by SOLD. Any player who is outbid on a game and not bid upon may partner either the winning bidder or the bid taker if requested to do so.

Yes34 votes (89%)
No4 votes (10%)