Illegal Games [hwspades]
Hardwood Spades - Sun Apr 15 03:41:13 2001
Shall this be added to the rules?

Illegal Games

If for ANY reason a match is determined to be illegal the game does not count and no one reports. It is up the the person challenging to make sure they are legal with the person they are bidding on. The person that was illegal may be subject to a penalty.

  • Bidding with the wrong rank is illegal. If a player's rank drops slightly during bidding it is still legal if there are no objections from the affected parties.
  • Bidding on a game that you are not legal to play is in violation of this rule.
  • Illegal bidders must immediately take bids for 2 down games.

Yes add these rules.15 votes (88%)
No do not add these rules.2 votes (11%)