Procedure For Bids [hwspades]
Hardwood Spades - Sun Apr 15 03:40:50 2001
Shall this be added to the rules?

Procedure For Bids

When offering bids you must allow players enough time to get their bids in. You may not immediately sell a game. You must enter 1x - 2x - 3x - sold (your rank) and (the rank you are recognizing) - on separate lines before the game is officially sold in order to give everyone ample opportunity to bid.

Example for a player ranked #3 who was challenged by a player ranked #25:

3 has 25 1x
3 has 25 2x
3 has 25 3x
sold to 25

You do not count out every bidder just the highest bidder.

Yes add this rule.12 votes (75%)
No do not add this rule.4 votes (25%)