Variation Reporting [ypinochle]
Pinochle (Yahoo) - Sun Mar 4 09:46:21 2001
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Variation Reporting

Any and all games not played using standard Pinochle (Yahoo) settings as defined below shall be considered a variation game.

At no time under any circumstances shall a variation game be reported to the Pinochle (Yahoo) Ladder.

A standard Pinochle (Yahoo) game for the purposes of reporting shall be defined as any game which includes each of the following elements:

  • 1.) 500 Points to Win
  • 2.) 20 Minimum to Save
  • 3.) Extra Points for Double Sequences
  • 4.) Clockwise Bidding with a Minimum Bid of 50
  • 5.) Proceeding Bids may be at increments of 1 until reaching 60
  • 6.) All registered Case's Pinochle (Yahoo) Players are eligible to Bid
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