Word Challenges [plblock]
Blocktionary (Playlink) - Wed Feb 28 10:57:55 2001
Shall this rule be added to the Game Specific Rules?

Word Challenges

If you see a word of six or more letters that an opponent could make on his or her turn you may issue a challenge by clicking the "Challenge" button. A dialog will appear that lets you specify the length of the word you challenge your opponent to make. The challenged player will receive notification of the challenge. At this point the clock will be reset. The challenged player can now only make words of the specified length or longer. If they cannot then they must pass. However if they meet the challenge then the points from that word will be multiplied by three - so only issue a challenge when you think the player will not be able to make a word. When a player is forced to pass because of a challenge - the challenge carries over to the next player, and they too can only make words of the specified length or longer. If the turn comes back to the player who issued the challenge before it has been met then they must prove that the challenge was possible by meeting it themselves. If they cannot then they are penalized 50 points for issuing an impossible challenge.

Yes32 votes (86%)
No5 votes (13%)