Top 20 Play & Challenges [ycribbage]
Cribbage (Yahoo) - Tue Feb 20 09:44:44 2001
Should the current Top 20 Play and Challenges rule be changed to this?

Top 20 Play and Challenges

Each Top 20 player must maintain an open public or protected table at all times. All Top 20 matches will be played to 121 points as either singles or doubles.

All Top 20 players must announce in the lobby their intention to leave prior to taking their table private to depart the room. Once announcing they are going private Top 20 players may not go to another table nor invite players to their table and must leave the room immediately upon finishing their final game.

All Top 20 tables will be played in Boot Order with the exception of 1 VS 2 which will take priority. Challenges may be made through the Formal Challenge system only and only when necessary. The boot order will always be the next player on the "Boot" drop down list.

Top 20 players can accept ANY invitation (as their second table) as long as they have not announced and made their table private. The host must make this table protected.
50% +1 required to pass this vote!
Yes138 votes (82%)
No30 votes (17%)