1 VS 2 [ycribbage]
Cribbage (Yahoo) - Tue Feb 20 09:44:29 2001
Should the current 1 VS 2 rule be changed to this?

Number 1 VS Number 2

Number 1 VS Number 2 must be a minimum of a 3 game match - maximum of 7 game match with no skunks (to be agreed upon by the players involved) and played at the earliest possible time. In the event of non-agreement a default of 3 games will be played. #1 will host the table for this match. #2 will have the option to stop play at his/her table during the 1-2 challenge. During this match all other Top 20 players will continue to host their protected tables. If they do not comply they will not receive their challenge with #1 or #2.
50% +1 required to pass this vote!
Yes146 votes (86%)
No22 votes (13%)