Options [worms2r]
Worms 2: Roperz - Sat Dec 23 04:50:24 2000
Shall the following list of options be used as a guideline for what rope sets are made up of?

Repeat Swings (9-Infinite)

Turn Time (10-15 Seconds)
Worm and Rope Retreat (5 Seconds)
Delay Before Turn (2-10 Seconds)

No Land Mines
Fall Damage (70-100)
Border Is Compulsory
No Choice Worm Selection
Team Health (400-500 Points - can be distributed between 2 worms)

Crate Drops (100%)
Crate Intelligence (0%)
First Aid Crates (20-30 Points)
Yes20 votes (51%)
No19 votes (48%)