Top 10 Rank Defense [teamygin]
Team Gin (Yahoo) - Wed Nov 22 05:53:47 2000
Currently in the Game Specific Rules there is a rule stating "If you are in the Top Ten and are not defending your rank to the team directly below you at least once every 2 days you will be dropped in rung for leapfrogging and/or avoiding. (If you are rank #2 defending your rank would mean playing rank #3)". The purpose of this vote is to change this rule. Please select the choice that closest reflects your opinion.
Leave this rule alone and do not change it.4 votes (8%)
Change this rule so that it applies only to the Top 5 teams instead of the Top 10 teams.17 votes (34%)
Change this rule to be three days (72 hours) instead of two days.7 votes (14%)
Change this rule so that the lower ranked team would be required to defend their rank to the team above them.3 votes (6%)
Remove this rule entirely.18 votes (36%)