Challenge Guide

The Purpose
    In order to make sure that everyone has a fair stab at getting to the top of the Ladder we have introduced the Formal Challenge system. This allows you to specifically challenge another user for a match through our Web page. If you are having trouble finding a user in chat, that you need to play, this is for you.
Formal Challenge Rules
    There are some special rules surrounding formal challenges. It is pretty straight-forward and the rules may differ from ladder to ladder based on the number of participants on that ladder.

    • You have to be within a rank range to utilize the formal challenge system (Generally 50 or better on larger ladders, 20 or better on smaller ones).

    • You may have only one formal challenge involving you at any time:

      • You may issue one formal challenge at a time, or

      • One formal challenge may be issued against you at any time.

    • You are restricted from challenging the same user twice in a row for a period of time (This prevents friends from locking up their challenge slots).

    • You have a pre-determined number of days during which to play challenges (This varies depending on the ladder size and activity level).

    • Failure to complete a formal challenge will result in BOTH players receiving a failure in their records. Accumulation of three failures will result in penalties (This discourages BOTH users from avoiding a challenge). A permanent note is also made on the user records.

    • Formal challenges are recorded automatically when you report ladder results. There is no special reporting procedure. They will show up in the daily results as a formal challenge.

    • A challenge is cleared immediately following a match report. This means that as soon as you play a challenge another challenge can be filed against you.

    • Players in the top ten are eligible to challenge any member of the top ten ranked better than they are. Players outside of the top ten are limited to challenging half the distance of their rank. For example, if you are ranked 20 you could challenge anyone ranked 10-19. If you are ranked 50, however, you can only challenge those ranked 25-49.

    • You cannot challenge someone ranked under you.
    To make a challenge complete the form on the FORMAL CHALLENGE link. This will record your formal challenge or inform you why you cannot make the challenge.

    • The challenged player will be sent an E-mail letting them know about the challenge issued against them. Bounced E-mail will be considered a forfeit.

    • Challenged players should contact the player challenging them via E-mail or in chat to arrange a match time.

    • Players who have made the challenge should contact the challenged via E-mail if they have not heard anything within a day or so of issuing the challenge, or find the user in chat.

    • Formal Challenges are satisfied by playing a normal Ladder match using standard Ladder rules or by playing a tournament match if the tournament is a LadderStats tournament.

    • Formal challenges take priority over all other matches. If someone has a formal challenge against you and they are available to play, you must play them next.