Skill Ratings

The Basics

Case's Ladder uses a modified version of the rating system used by major chess groups. These ratings systems are unique because they are considered "zero-sum." This means that when you win a game, your rating will increase a certain number of points. Your opponent loses the same number of points that you gained. If you lose a game, the reverse will happen: You will lose as many points as your opponent gains. The number of points that you gain or lose depends on the ratings of both players involved.

If you rating is higher than your opponent you will not gain as many points as you would have by playing someone with a higher rating than you. If you lose to someone who is rated less than you, you will lose more points than you would have gained had you won the match. This is a method for automatically handicapping players.


The following formula is used to calculate ratings:

Questions and Answers

Q: How can I make my rating go up faster?

A: In order for your rating to rise quickly you will need to play players that have higher skill ratings.

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