Case's Ladder Premium Memberships

Enjoy the benefits of Platinum Membership:

  • All Gold features plus...
  • Platinum icon & status throughout the site
  • Faster support response times than Gold or Free.
  • Platinum means you get 4x the LadderBux earnings!
  • Enhanced realtime match notification.
  • As a Platinum member, you can disable most ads. The site will be up to 50% faster!
  • Your Platinum membership covers up to five ladders.
  • Platinum homepage and disk space.
  • email with virus protection.
  • Ability to move LadderBux between accounts.
  • Ability to give away LadderBux.
  • Tourney Player Card
  • Premium forum access, Gold and The Hideout.
  • Office Cam: Spy on Us!
  • More...

*First month: $24.95
(If currently a FREE member!)

Current Gold members, go back and use "Renew/Upgrade" button to avoid this charge.

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