About Platinum Membership
The Platinum program was crafted from the ground up based on suggestions we received from our most loyal users. It is the perfect membership plan for an active member who loves playing on the Ladder, and wants a feature-rich experience. We don't expect everyone to go for the Platinum program, but this plan is a perfect fit for those of you who realize what Case's Ladder brings to your lives!

Some of the features: Instant match notification with your new rank and updated stats, FOUR TIMES the LadderBux earnings, one Platinum membership covers up to five ladders, 12 HOUR turnaround on technical support during business hours, and best of all: That funky Platinum symbol for everyone to drool over!

 Look at these Benefits!
You can be notified instantly via E-mail when someone posts a match. This feature also shows your new ladder rank, old rank, opponent's rank, win-loss record, streak, skill rating, and LadderBux.
As a Platinum member, YOU decide if you want to look at our regular advertising or not. Turn the ads off and the site will be up to 50% faster! A turbocharged Case's Ladder! (Notes: Most of the site will have ads turned off, some are beyond our control. We also reserve the right to display 'premium' sponsorship ads. These are ads that will greatly help the site and enable us to do things like upgrade our servers!)
Your Platinum membership covers multiple ladders. Up to five ladders for the price of one Platinum membership! You'll have all the benefits of Platinum on those accounts also! (some restrictions apply)
Available to Platinum users! You'll be able to set up your very own @casesladder.com E-mail address. Keep your real E-mail private, easily sort your Ladder related mail, and most of all show that you're a supporter of Case's Ladder! Plus, we scan your E-mail for over 70,000 different viruses which helps keep your home computer more secure!
Platinum means you get four times the Ladderbux earnings! Use your Ladderbux to buy great software and merchandise.
Only for Platinum and Diamond! We keep detailed records of your tournament participation by type on a customizeable page! A great resource if you enjoy tourneys.
Platinum members can transfer and pool their ladderbux between all their active accounts. This means if you are participating in several different leagues you can pool all your ladderbux into one giant pot!
Get a reply to all issues submitted to our technical support staff within 12 hours during normal business hours.
If you decide to leave the Platinum program the accounts on your Platinum Membership, at the time of the cancellation, will automatically revert to our regular Gold Membership for six months, free! All Gold features are included and you can come back to Platinum at any time.
Get the rotating, tumbling, spinning, shiny symbol that will make your friends drool and let everyone know you support Case's Ladder! It will appear next to your Ladder standings.
You'll get access to our Platinum Forum where you can talk with other Platinum Members. A high staff presence to listen to your ideas and issues.
After you post a match result you'll see your new standings, along with your opponent's, without having to look them up separately. Time saver!
You will never be automatically purged for inactivity. As a Platinum member you can leave on long trips without fear.
Complete history of all your matches played as a Platinum Member. Includes your rank, opponent's rank, opponent, match result, date, and match comments! Sort these records in a variety of ways.
A personalized homepage that shows your complete Ladder record, a graphical logo and background of your choice, background music/sound effects of your choice, the date you became a member, a link to your favorite Web site (could be your own home page!), optional personal information (Age, Hometown, Occupation, Computer Info), and a personal quote.
You won't lose your rank or statistics when you join Platinum. Existing Gold Members also keep all of their match history, statistics, and personalized settings.
Exclusive access to our staff in this Platinum and Diamond only forum. You'll get quick answers from our customer support department.
Sign up today and you'll receive a 500 LadderBux bonus just for joining!
Check out what's going on at the offices of Case's Ladder. Peer into our daily work life!
Even though you might have five ladders on your Platinum, you can still update your E-mail with one click of the mouse across all accounts!
Allows you to pick from hundreds of images, backgrounds, and music for customizing your player profile. No messing with complicated URL's! We also instantly show you what the page will look like without reloading.
You'll receive five megabytes of storage on our servers to host your homepage! Use this to store pictures of yourself, friends, or logos/sounds/background for your profile and tournament pages.
You can add a customized logo, background, and sound effects (such as a WAV file, midi, etc)! This really helps personalize your page. We have also added more links on this page for tools that some people aren't aware we even have, such as tourney player cards and match histories.
If you are a platinum member and also in our tournament director program, you are eligible to donate your LadderBux to the pot seven times per month.

 Support the Site
Platinum Membership on Case's Ladder is an optional feature for our users. Running a site that is as large as ours takes lots of time and resources. We have a full time staff to handle your problems, resolve disputes, and keep our servers chugging along at full speed. This adds up a pretty large price tag.

By becoming a Platinum Member you not only get additional features, you become part of our site! We rely on you for new ideas on how to improve your leagues with the features you most want. You help fund a site that was created by gamers for gamers.

 Membership Policies
  • Membership is non-refundable after 30 days.
  • All Platinum issues submitted will be responded to within the same day if submitted during normal business hours. (Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. PST)
  • The one year Platinum membership can be applied to up to five accounts. The monthly Platinum membership can be applied to one additional account each month you are platinum, to a maximum of five. You have 2 accounts available to use the first month and you will be able to add a third account after 60 days, then you can add another account every 30days. This only applies to accounts which are yours and is intended for people who are participating on several ladders. (You cannot apply it to your friends accounts).
  • If you have signed up under the monthly plan and stop payment the platinum membership will revert to gold account that it had been applied to. Leaving the Ladder voluntarily (Withdrawing) will terminate your Platinum Membership for that account.
  • If you leave Platinum, the resulting Gold memberships will last for six months from the date of removal. (Only the accounts on your Platinum Membership at the time of cancellation will fall back to six months of Gold)
  • Platinum Members must still follow all rules as posted on the Ladder pages. Members are not exempt from nor will we be forgiving to members who abuse the rules.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to modify all aspects of the Platinum membership program at any time without prior notice.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to revoke membership at any time without prior notice.
  • Case's Ladder reserves the right to shut down the entire site or a specific portion of the site. Members will not get refunds for such shut downs.
  • The monthly charge for Monthly Platinum Memberships is automatic and can vary 1 or 2 days depending on how many days are in the month.
  • If you choose the Online Check billing option and your monthly payment is returned for Insufficient Funds, it will automatically be represented to your bank one additional time.
  • If you choose the Credit Card billing option and your monthly payment is declined for Insufficient Funds, it will automatically retry the following day and if that should also decline, a 3rd attempt will be made 7 days after the initially scheduled billing.
  • Your subscription is personal to you, and you may not transfer or make available your account name and password to others, including without limitation the members of your household, your family and/or co-workers. Any distribution by you of your account name and password may result in cancellation of your subscription without refund and in additional charges based on unauthorized use.

  • *First month: $24.95
    (If currently a FREE member!)

    Current Gold members, go back and use "Renew/Upgrade" button to avoid this charge.

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