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- by Byoung890 on 4/17/18

Please download Trillian and contact byoung890 so I can put you on the master list. Trillian will allow you to receive tournament links from host, contact a host if you are having trouble getting to the lobby and chat with your partner during the partners tournament.

Trillian download link:

Texas Hold Em Lobby Link:
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Upcoming Special Events

Friday, April 20th, 8pm Battle of the Sexes/Texas Hold Em, Midnight Trivia/Hold Em (Trivia @ 11:50pm)

Saturday, April 21th, 8pm Partners Texas Hold Em

Sunday, April 22th, 8pm, Staff Appreciation Tournament/ Texas Hold Em 

The Top 20
1. Mellowywood
2. elmonito48
3. sexynanabrandi
4. ladypeanut0206
5. clfrgg7
6. ponytailbob3
7. woodyjj731
8. ricefairview
9. toyski
10. hamatos13
11. Edwardb226
12. steveanneric
13. johnosa7
14. hosjim
15. houtieowl5
16. wacky bucks
17. bananacookey2
18. mrkilts
19. lisae231
20. FoxyJade69

Today on Poker Haven
Event schedules are based on Eastern time.
2243 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
12:00 PM EDT byoung890's Tournament (70) SE [LS]
04:00 PM EDT byoung890's Tournament (70) SE [LS]
06:00 PM EDT sexynanabrandi's Tournament (60) SE [LS]
08:00 PM EDT ladypeanut0206's Tournament (80) SE [LS]
10:00 PM EDT dianabr's Tournament (30) SE [LS]

1324 events scheduled Ladder-wide.
06:00 PM EDT sexynanabrandi's Tournament (60) SE [LS]

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