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Posted by exxacta (Ranked on Team Pinochle (Yahoo) Ladder) on August 25, 2008 at 14:35:30:

In Reply to: 3 posted by exxacta (Gold Member) on August 08, 2006 at 12:47:50:

My Presidential Platform and White House Staff

VP Ė Arnold Schwarzenegger

The VP job is to have my back. Who better to have when I need somebodyís rear kicked?

Chief of Staff Ė Warren Buffet

Dude isnít looking for a career after the office on the lecture circuit; has more money then God, knows how to make money, and doesnít take no for an answer. Either you do it his way (which I tell him) or he simply buys you.

Secretary of Defense Ė H. Ross Perot

The man truly understands Patriotism, and isnít afraid to do what is called for.

Attorney General Ė Simon Cowell of American Idol

Since I will be the President, I will have Harvard fast track his legal degree. Dude isnít afraid to speak his mind, tells it like it is, and doesnít give a dang what you think about it. More criminals need that, especially when it comes to sentencing.

Surgeon General Ė Dr. Jack Kevorkian

Iím giving him his medical license back. He isnít afraid to stand up for what he believes in, and if I am all jacked up at the end of my life, I want the option to say goodbye without 5 more years of misery, pain, and financial drain on my family

My Top 10 Priorities of Policy (in no specific order)

1. Iím building a higher fence on the Mexico border and putting points of entry every 50 miles. Iíve got nothing against Mexico, but you arenít getting in without doing it right. If you want a job, great, but youíre doing it legally and you are paying taxes. The points of entry thing every 50 miles; ever seen the lines at the border Ė it takes forever Ė Iím speeding that up.

2. Iím capping gas prices at $2.50 per gallon. If the oil companies can represent 6 of the top ten largest companies in the world, you can help a brother out and make 50 billion instead of 75 billion; still leaves you plenty of Ďgo-out-and-have-dinnerí money and allows us common folk to drive to work AND be able to feed their kids.

3. Iím legalizing marijuana. I like it, lots of folks like it, and Iím going to tax the crap out of it. With the 500 million Iím going to save in drug enforcement, the 250 million Iím going to save in reduced jail/prison population for stupid charges, and the 500 million Iím going to make in taxes, I have a less stressed population, and 1.25 billion to go buy Puerto Rico with as the 51st state.

4. Iím revoking the citizenship and banning from the country any U.S. born athlete that elects to represent a foreign country in the Olympics.

5. Iím lowering the drinking age to 18. If you can die for your country while defending it in the course of military duty, vote for the people that run the country, and be considered of legal age for just about everything else, you get to have a drink.

6. Iím putting the medical and insurance industry in check immediately. Unless you can give me one heck of an answer why an X-Ray is billed at $100 for those with insurance but $185 to those without, that crap stops now. Look, if I donít have insurance you know I am strapped for cash; why screw me even more by charging me more.

7. As with point 6, Iím putting all the credit folks in check, like the car sales people. Why is it that if I have perfect credit, I can finance a car for 1% interest, but if my credit sucks, you ring me up for 19% or more. Uh, hello! Donít you think the folks that donít have great credit can use the lower interest rate a bit more then those with dough? That was challenging to figure out.

8. Iím giving all farmers a free lifetime pass on any and all types of taxes. If you have decide to spend your life busting your butt to feed my entire country with a product you donít get paid much for, you arenít paying income tax. Additionally, I am adding you to the official White House Christmas card list and personally signing it.

9. Iím changing the First Amendment to the Constitution regarding freedom of speech. Iím still going to basically allow you to say what you want, how you want, when you want, and for the most part Ė where you want. I have rules though. The example I will use is for those that donít like people of gay or bisexual affiliation. You can protest all you want, but the next time you try to protest at a gay soldiers funeral, who died while serving and protecting his country, I am going to ring your butt up so hard you wonít see the light of day for at least a decade in a federal penitentiary.

10.I am going to enact a new law governing on-hold technical support messages. I wrote this entire thing while being placed on hold for 33 minutes and 17 seconds before I got to speak to a live person. Every two minutes, some lady on the recording wanted to ĎThank me for my patienceí. Woman, if I am calling technical support, odds are good that Iím already running pretty thin on patience. The last thing I want to hear is you thanking me for patience I donít have. No more; if you do it again, Iím sending the I.R.S. to audit your butt.

My name is Greg Summers and I approve of this message.

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