Important Info for Cuffy's Drag Tourney

Important Info for Cuffy's Drag Tourney

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Posted by barredcuffy (Gold Member) (Ranked 5 on Dominoes (Yahoo) Ladder) on May 27, 2009 at 05:18:18:

Cuffy's Drag-Tour Guide

Your link to the tourney: 247476

As you will have gathered this tourney is designed to be a bit of fun. It is
important though to realize that whilst running the tourney there is bound
to be some sexual references and innuendo but there will be others in the room
who could be young or easily offended. I would therefore like to make it
clear that there is an expected standard and any inappropriate action or comment may lead to your disqualification from the tourney and possible further action. So please remember to have fun but consider what you
saying before you do so.

Right then with that out of the way lets get to the fun bit. Your tourney will be
hosted by none other than your favorite dragqueen: "dragqueencuffy"

There is a top prize of 2,500 ladderbux for anyone who changes their yahoo and cases
name to something appropriate for the tourney. (ie dj_cuf to dragqueencuffy). I will be awarding discretionary awards to anyone else during the tourney.


It is obviously up to you to think of something that is hopefully comical to the
rest of us but again a warning here to consider carefully the name you use as
you may find yourself subject to action if the name is totally inappropriate. So
get creative and let's have a laugh or two.

Please take extra note below though about Cases and your name below.

Now then I strongly suggest that when you make a new name you make an "Alias" to your
existing account rather than a new yahoo ID. This has many advantages but mainly
you will not have to play 20 games before you are permitted to chat in room or
table lobbies.

There is a useful link
to the Yahoo! Help pages on creating a new alias.

So once you have created your alias how do you get into room with it?
The easiest way is to use the standard Yahoo! Dominoes log-in:

Go to the Beginner Rooms by clicking here

On that page you will see just above "Yahoo! Games - Dominoes" a grey box
that looks a little like:


From here just make sure you Alias is selected and then click the Patella room link further down the page.

If using back doors:
You will see that you are directed to Patella with a link:

The chat_pf_1 refers to the first profile of your Yahoo! ID.
When you create a new Alias this is often "2" and so on; so if you have only
ever created one additional alias then try this first. If this does not work
then there is another slower but sure way of establishing the correct chat_pf
for your alias:

As before open web-page: Beginner Rooms
Right-Click on the web-page and choose "View (page) Source". If you are not used to seeing HTML
it can look a little daunting but fear not. All you need do is search for "chat_pf".
You should see something like:

"td>font face="Arial" size="-1">b>Welcome, select name="identity">option value="chat_pf_1">barredcuffy/option>
option value="chat_pf_2">casescuffy/option>/select>
/b> [a href="">edit/a>

The bit you are interested in is that that follows "chat_pf". In the above example
we have: "chat_pf_1">barredcuffy/option> and


As you will see Profile 1 = "barredcuffy" and Profile 2="casescuffy"
If I was therefore using the backdoor and wanted to enter as "casescuffy"
I would have to change the URL address to:

Cases and User IDs

If create a new Yahoo! Alias then you must name sure that you change your
cases name also. This is achieved by selecting "My Account" from the left hand
menu on the Cases Main Page and followed by "Change User Information" after you
have logged in. Then simply enter your new name after "Ladder Name" and leaving
all the other boxes blank.

One bit of warning though Cases has a policy of only permitting a player to
change their name once a week and therefore once you have changed your name
to your drag name you could be stuck with it for up to a week.

Now we at ydom appreciate that you may not wish that so you can have the ladderops
on this ladder to change you name back sometime after the tourney. You will need
to goto "Contact Us", select "Mail Us", select "Ladder Error" from the 2nd box
and in the description ask of your Ladder Name could be reverted back to whatever
you had before.

After submission you will have ticket number. Make a note of this and send email to . Ghost has agreed to change your name back as soon as
he is available to do so but it may not be immediate.

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