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Posted by nysportsfan45 (Ranked on Dominoes (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 26, 2009 at 09:31:59:

In Reply to: Re: LOL posted by ghostrider_221 (LeadOp) on October 26, 2009 at 06:45:13:

If you don't know what I CAN and WILL do by now I'm surprised....I was a TD/HTD long before you became OP. Never said it was to hard.....Just didn't see the point in it considering you have nobody hosting now. Figured even a BAD td is better than NO TD. LMAO

: Figured you made a mistake Bill by sending that in blank. Most people would answer the questions so we at least have an idea what they will or wont do. It's not to hard.

: : Are you kidding me??? Your last tourney was 3 weeks ago....I happened to come back here because I got a letter from Cases. To be honest I forgot all about this place, but with posts from Liz and LadyinRed I figured I give it another shot. Do you REALLY not know my qualifications? Do you REALLY need me to answer questions on TD app??

: : Dear nysportsfan45,

: : Thanks for your interest in a Tournament Director position for ydom. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept your request at this time based on the reason given below.

: : Reason Given:

: : I declined this app since there are no questions answered I thought maybe you may have hit the submit button on accident. If im wrong please send in another with questions answered and I will process

: : Best Regards,
: : ghostrider_221
: : Head TD

: :
: : App Submitted: 10/25/2009

: : nysportsfan45, ydom TD Application

: : What days and times are you available to host tournaments? (i.e. MWF 6-10 PM Eastern Time)

: : Are you willing to attend scheduled TD Team meetings?

: : Do you have any prior experience running tournaments? Briefly explain:

: : In your opinion, what are the three most important qualities of a successful Tournament Director?

: : How would your closest friends describe your personality?

: : What do YOU feel is your strongest personality trait?

: : What do you feel is a personality weakness you need to work on?

: : What is the best way to resolve conflict between players?

: : If a player were to say to you, "Case’s Ladder sucks! You are a horrible TD and have no idea what you are doing!" how would you respond to that player?

: : If a player were to say to you, "I won my tournament match but my opponent keeps saying they won!" how would you proceed?

: : If a player with whom you have had a conflict joins one of your tournaments, what would you do?

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