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Re: ''princess' of persia'..

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Posted by Mr DrAw (Gold Member) (Ranked 24 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on July 10, 2003 at 00:46:15:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone would like to play...?--> Not really posted by Mercury_Persia (Gold Member) on May 06, 2003 at 19:26:53:

: Hey, Amakusa
Hi, MK!

: Been so very busy...
well, you are? in my case, i have so much free time in recent quarter of 2003. too bad, since i have graduated from college & back to my home sweet-bitter home country, i rarely play online chess, but more playing chess face to face w/ the securities guard around my apartment complex. some of are so good for me, which makes me realize why alot brilliant chess player in the world being crazy- i think i felt the sensation of headache.
for untimed match, which i was in the position that i have so much posibilities of move so i cannot use the method of elimination (like in math) to figure out my best move for the near end game.
my brain IQ level cannot handle it, for i have only 95 in senior hi psychotest. :(

well, in short i just got headache, which makes me afraid of thinking too much in an untimed chess match, if not i may think for the solution in 3 days 3 nites.

anyway, well back in here, cost of internet is sky high rocket, so much higher, no package of $50 for as much usage as want to. it is count per hour.
more just for checking bisnis mails.

: No, I have not played Price of Persia yet, so I don't know how to get the sword, lol.
I see, maybe i can sent the game's cd to you, coz i have no clue & i'm not using it for a while awleady.
it is kind of prince of persia 2 dimension which is hot for the kids who like to think around 80s to early '90s. to get the sword you need to find where to get it or in pop 2d if u passed level one, then on level 2 you get the sword automatically.

: Let me know more about the game, you know where to find me.
hmm, where to find U? by email? where r you playing now still at or in yahoo ladder or advance room?
do you have any ideas of new website to play chess?

best regards,
nathaniel agus hoo.

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