Good Luck 4 This Case Lad!

Good Luck 4 This Case Lad!

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Posted by Mr DrAw (Gold Member) (Ranked 25 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on January 04, 2002 at 10:47:23:

Well, seems like ppl prefers auto & goes for more comfortable ways of playing chess,
disregarding the way that Case sounds old fashioned, it's not only b/c it doesn't have its own chess server, but also it promotes our sportivity which doesn't occur in auto reporting .

well...too bad, @body has their own preference
anyway, I hope to see old faces around internet someday like ten yrs later. Would we be still playing chess (or visitting) over yahoo by then?
or Would yahoo chess still exist??

What would Y!Chess Cases be?

best regards,
mr Draw

p.s: I'm busy working on careers, wondering myself if I still care much for chess & be a chess maniac...
even though I'm a pretty bad chess player & never improved much in 3-4 yrs of online chess comparing to time for chess spent :(
I know..I know that I didn't play it right but I love it that way..geez

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