Just in Dormant state, not die yet..

Just in Dormant state, not die yet..

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Posted by Mr DrAw (Gold Member) (Ranked 25 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on January 04, 2002 at 10:32:34:

& may not ever die, I hope so

anyway wish you all, nice & rude gents & ladies for a warm NY, well late,

anyway....wishing this yr would better than the previous yr in any sense.
So, Wish you all 360 days of lucks, 52 weeks of happiness, 12 months of great salary, 2, 880 hours of good sleep, 2880 hours of boring working time, 2880 hrs of slowly run out of leisure hrs, 8640 hours of zealous activity, 518,400 mins of pleasant conversation, &
31,104,000 SecondS! of
special meditation to thanks God [or whoever the creator or the first cause of this humans civilizations ] for the millions seconds given to You & all other human beings to be able to feel the happiness & hurt along @ yr.
[without hurt, pain, there would be no happiness sensation as well. don't ya think so? I think Budha would agree]

eh, I guess you heard about this already, huh? These aren't my original :(

see ya around all,

nathan [mister draw]

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