Gay Ladder - May 10th, 1999 - WITH PICTURE

Gay Ladder - May 10th, 1999 - WITH PICTURE

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Posted by brainsturgeon (Gold Member) (Ranked 123 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on November 23, 2001 at 16:53:26:

Please join me in welcoming our newest gays – lisamday, muckmucka, _i_play_chess and _chess_fanatic!!!

1. meeny – pesty little fella who finally broke through, continues to be biggest program accuser on YCL while admitting to using one himself, last seen attempting to use sex program (Gaywad 6.69) on omni while moaning “daddy…daddy!”
2. jmurphy33 – reformed former aci-backer, strong Forum contributor, just installed liquid explosive device on mailbox, building moat around house as a safeguard against the evil acicchelli and goon squad
3. omnipotent000 – lactation treatments have paid off as this former #1 can now squirt his man-milk a good 30 feet out of both breasts, stretching manpole with progressive weight treatments, length now “stands” at 14 inches
4. turfviking – the affable one has broken into the Case’s Top 10 and has been universally applauded, enjoying reign as Queen of Canada
5. lisamday – only our second lesbian Ladder top tenner, talkative newcomer just won’t shut up, perfected the 69 with the help of suziss
6. chessvad – focus on exams has cost this former #1 the top spot, this chess aficionado’s goal for the summer is to raise his winning percentage to 25%
7. muckmucka – a rarity that a brainsturgeon-hater makes the top Gay ranks but this tremendous pain in the butt has been consistently persistent in the voicing of his opinions and deserves credit, program-obsessed
8. _chess_fanatic – strange disappearing act since hitting the Top 5 on YCL, using the famous “lisamday strategy” to climb-don’t play and wait for people to lose ahead of you
9. _i_play_chess – see _chess_fanatic above ^ (must be the underscores)
10. acicchelli/chessisafungame/apricot_cat/postie_chess/doermefasolatido/al_capawn1000/electric_chess_company/calligraphy_2nite – effort that it must take to play the game and coordinate this massive cheat ring merits aci the low spot in the Top 10, humorless fellow whose only memorable contribution to Ladder lexicon was “naw” (and we think he heard that somewhere), he is a devoted life partner and has only had one significant other in all his time on the Ladder-our first #1 – Assassin

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