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Posted by Mercury_Magic (Gold Member) (Ranked 7 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on November 04, 2001 at 00:58:25:

In Reply to: Well posted by red_returnes on November 03, 2001 at 15:26:09:

You must be getting desperate to get rid of me, red_returnes, aka that_pope or wins_99_loses_9.

Somethings you should get straight...
I don't have the power to kick out anyone.
Rich_YPR was not kicked, he chose to leave, that is his business. He is still a TD here and it is up to him do whatever he wants with his TD position. He wants to host a lot of tournaments and so he moved to pogo. I, to be honest, can't care less about pogo, as I don't know it. Either way, I wish success to Rich_YPR at pogo, here, or whereever he wants to go, and I am sure if he is reasonable with his considerate powers and connections, he can go quite far.

About the activity of the ladder... perhaps less players, but the average games has been a bit higher than it was a few weeks back. Besides, I am not worried because I know that as long as you are around, which is always, this ladder won't die.

Again, thanks for supporting cases ladder for continuosly being an active member in this community.


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