To mercury... or anyone who cares to read

To mercury... or anyone who cares to read

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Posted by Rich_YPR () (Ranked 208 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 14, 2001 at 21:16:22:


When I first met Mercury, it seemed a few things she said were implying that I was cheating; something that offended me and is the reason for a lot of my negative feelings toward her.

Since then it's been more of a struggle with her; I was upset with her initial reaction to me; and her defensive toward my reaction since.

Last night and today however; once I had removed myself from the voting booth, was the first we finally got to talk more friendly. I must say I was surprised once I got to know her a little better to see she really is a nice person :)

My initial thoughts was she was putting on a front to the TD Managers, staff, etc.; but now feel I may have been mistaken and she's just herself with staff because she knows them better, and just defensive of the ladder, especially to new people, which shows she cares. Having my own ladder I understand why she would feel this way, as I am rather protective of my ladder as well, even more strongly as it's a myleague and I have very few rules I must follow there.

I still feel for a main cases leagues she may at times get a little too defensive; but just felt some of my statements were a bit harsh, and wanted to clarify that I do feel she most likely cares a great deal for this place :)

Good Luck :)


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