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Posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 12, 2001 at 17:52:49:

Well, lets try to find a solution for this...

Rich_YPR, you know some of this TDs business doesn't really belong here, but that's fine, the rest are entitled to know.
You accuse me of killing this ladder as a HeadTD.
I never had major problems with TDs in this ladder. Most of the young guys willing to help in the tournament were given a chance to. But you must understand as a HeadTD I have guidelines to follow and can't accept every application including applications from people who joined that day and have no experience in this ladder or . Not to mention that if some cheats would know I'd be just accepting applications from whoever applies, they'd try to wreck parts of this . I didn't attack you, but I found disrespectul that you refused to accept the fact that you have to have some ychess experience, and went to someone else to add you to the Team. I didn't attack you, and even supported you on your tournament. I'd never usually play in a 30/0 tournament.
You wish to change this to mainly long games, above 30/0 to untimed. I am not sure if that's what the players want, but still, having that option of long tournaments on occasion is always good.
You also accuse me of driving people from this ladder. I am quite tough with cheaters and try my best to get them removed. Still, not a single one has been removed because of me, without proof. I know of one case in which a cases player was kicked, in which he was innocent, and I had no part in that.
Some players don't like to compete with me, and few left because of it combined with other issues. Not a single TD has just refused to host or wanted to leave because of my HeadTD methods, in the past.
Again, I never, and still don't, refuse to work with you. Some of your ideas are good and I respect that, but I won't approve of focusing most of our efforts on longer games only (30/0 and above) and I won't add 10 to 20 TDs within the next couple of weeks, like you wanted me to.

On another hand, westallgaeuer (and I know you're not alone on this) find me unfair in competition (top ranks). I have never cheated, but occasionally have used the rules to their max to keep my spot. Asking you to play me a 15/0 best of 3 is not something nearly impossible, and Rich_YPR wouldn't even find it to be an ideal timer for any game, he'd support longer games, which are fine too.
About us... I have never actually accused you of making me lag, I just pointed out that it was a coincidence that I lagged 2 or 3 times while playing you. And I don't play only weak players, like you said.
If you look again, you will find games against Mikhail_Sher, subhas1971, tsengw when I see him, teen_star_sensation (I play him almost everyday when he comes around) and saratea2 as well. These aren't particularly weak players, as I believe you have occasionally lost to them. Not to mention that I played cuoo yesterday for cases.
You're right, sometimes I may be a bit "aggressive" when competing, so I will be dropping #1 now, and I will trust you to do a better job with it. I am sure you will too.

The people complain about me for my player's status, and cheaters complain that I am an evil Op, which I am not even an Op, but I haven't seen people complaining about me as HeadTD very often at all.

I can't be that bad of a person overall as I was elected by the ladder's members to Op this ladder some 9 months ago, but due to some personal problems, I wasn't able to start the program at 100% at the time, so I decided not to start wrongly either. This was a time I did not have much time to
devote to being an Op.

I can understand that I may not be the nicest #1, and so I will drop it, as I have often times before.
Also, I intend to devote more time to Tournaments now, and with westallgaeuer at #1, more players may be happier.
The reason I last took the spot was because west and luxchamp were away, and I did not want #1 spot to be held by someone who'd lose it to most people around him/her.
I think westallgaeuer and luxchamp are very good candidates to hold this place, and wish you luck. And hope to see some others competing up there with them as well :-)

Anyway, I might have left some stuff out...
Feel free to contact me anytime so we can talk more about whatever you got suggestions or comments on :-)


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