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Re: Sorry, and good luck with your ladder

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Posted by Rich_YPR () (Ranked 208 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 12, 2001 at 16:58:40:

In Reply to: Re: Sorry, and good luck with your ladder posted by westallgaeuer on October 12, 2001 at 16:22:05:

Thanks for the post :) As I said, I do plan on running a chess ladder somewhere; and I do agree with your views on Mercury. I just can't deal with her any longer, as she is treating me the same as she treated the others who left due to her.

I love cases and this is my first choice on where to run a chess league; but not with Mercury in Head TD; mainly because of the views on her you just discussed.

I have explained this to Nike, hopefully if enough draw attention to this matter something will be done.

Until then, good luck with her :)


: You cant do this! I was really hopeful that this ladder will return.... I even tried to find games again, many people were happy that this ladder could re-live with your help.... Please, stay and help! I totally agree with your attitude towards Mercury, look at the players in here. 5 Are active, and, no offense, but Gwello, mghlphl and some others, the ONLY ones Mercury plays, are no real competition, all the good players dont play against Mercury or left because of her, and I totally understand them. I dont think that a "top-player" like Mercury can refuse games vs good players, which, according to her, cheat. Or, in my case, that I cause her lag.... LOL Thats the reason why she doesnt play me in a 1/1, and of course if I offer her 2/2 or something like this she "is not used to this"... The only thing she offers me is 15/0 bo3, for what I really dont have enough time, and I dont like to play it here in the internet, most of the players here are a speed chess community, I also play stuff like 15/0, 5/3 etc....... Another thing is that I came to, saw her online, asked her for a 15/0 bo3 because I luckily had the time to play it, and she refused.. her reason: "You come here, dont say hi or so, I wont play you"...
: Come on, that sucks.... stop her! She kills this ladder! She is trying the same with pyramid where Brain luckily stopped her!
: She distroys chess, and the worst thing is that she even does not recognize it!

: Rich, stay here, please, help this ladder, I am sure you can, there are several players that would like to play here, but they dont. And we all know why.... but YOU could change this, please, do so!

: West

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