Sorry, and good luck with your ladder

Sorry, and good luck with your ladder

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Posted by Rich_YPR () (Ranked 208 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 12, 2001 at 14:49:38:

Hi all,

I agree with many of you that Mercury has been killing this ladder. I tried to work with her; she refused. I then had to go to staff to just become a TD; she verbally attacks me and accuses me of disrespecting her, even though she hadn't run a tournament in 45 days. Still, I try to ignore her and think positively.

I consulted with Nike today to inform him of her behavior; but he seems to be happy with the way your ladder has performed lately and sees no need for change :( This saddens me, and I'm not going to keep finding players for mercury to just drive them away.

I will be running a Chess league somewhere; but unfortunately I find this ladder hopeless as long as Mercury is your Head TD.

Any who agree feel free to contact staff or TD Managers, and hopefully eventually they will realize and make some changes so this league can move forward. Until then, I will focus on my own ladder perhaps at RM or MyLeague.

Sorry to all the great players I met here, I hope you find some good games and tournaments somewhere.

I won't resign my TD position in hopes staff will realize the problem; but I will not be hosting while Mercury is Head TD here.

Bye for now,


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