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Posted by Rich_YPR () (Ranked 207 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 10, 2001 at 10:35:57:

In Reply to: Re: hhhmmm..... posted by brainsturgeon (Gold Member) on October 10, 2001 at 05:52:23:

Sopunds cool :) May I ask how you were able to overcome the cheaters though and realize some were using these programs ya mentioned?



: The site IS down. How embarrassing. :-( I've contacted my host and expect resolution shortly.

: To Rich: From the Pyramid FAQ page;

: What is the Pyramid?  
: The Pyramid is a gaming community devoted to sportsmanship and fair play. 
: Where can I play Pyramid matches? 
: Pyramid matches are played in the Yahoo! Ladder Rooms allocated to the respective game being played. For example, Chess Pyramid games are usually played at the Everest Yahoo! Chess Room. How can I join the Pyramid?
: Go to Click on the Chess or the Literati links to sign up. At the following pages there are respective links on which you could click on in order to sign up. 
: What does the Pyramid have to offer? 
: The Pyramid offers a user friendly environment, competitive tournaments with valuable prizes, exciting Forums, free member sites, and friendly customer care! Who works at the Pyramid? The Pyramid staff is composed of able and helpful volunteers who have dedicated their time to the promotion of the Pyramid community. The staff is comprised of brainsturgeon, the head of pyramid, his helpers, the Pyrops, the tournament directors, the Pyramid security department, whose head is the illustrious computer programmer m0s_def, and the head of the program detection department is the honorable FIDE chess master idorin. 
: Who plays on the Pyramid? 
: The Pyramid is composed of honest and fair chess and literati players who follow a concrete code of ethics which restricts the uses of programs, abusing other players or pyramid staff members, or any sort of cheating. In both chess and literati, the Pyramids are home to players of different skill levels ranging from beginners to senior masters. 
: What is the best part of the Pyramid? 
: It's Free.  
: When and why did the Pyramid originate? The Pyramid originated on Halloween night, October 31st, 1999, when many active Yahoo! Chess players were disappointed with the excessive cheating and manipulation, which took place at the Yahoo! Chess Ladder rooms. These players formed have played chess together for many years at a chess ladder called Cases, thus forming a community headed by the venerable brainsturgeon, who was a veteran of Cases as well as an experienced ladder chess player.

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