To Rich_YPR and others interested.

To Rich_YPR and others interested.

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Posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 08, 2001 at 18:41:28:

First, welcome to the ladder.
I hope you can succeed here and be happy.

You seem to be accusing me of wanting to kill this ladder. That is rather pathetic.
I am the most active player, hosted many tournaments here before and always fought cheats. You're welcomed to join in that fight, whoever you are.

You seem very proud of hosting 2 tournaments a month, and considering they are untimed, I congratulate you. I've tried having 10/0s, 30/0s tournaments here, and very few succeeded, even with my insane publicity in the past. It's hard to find players willing to spend 2 to 3 hours on a tournament though.
That's why I host mostly speed tournaments, when I do host them. I have hosted 3 tourneys in one day in the past this way.

Anyone is welcome to Apply for a TD position here. However, Ychess is not a joke ladder.
In Ydominoes, Ycanasta, and most other yahoo games (with the exception of checkers, I believe) are quite easy to deal with and may not require much previous experience.
In here, some knowledge of what goes on around here is necessary, to keep the tournaments clean.

Any regular nice and fair cases members with some experience would be welcomed as TDs.

About me... whatever issues you may have against me...
You may try to get me in trouble because I turned down your application, but hope you understand something...
I want what you want! An active fair ladder.
What you hear about me out there, I bet is from people who have been kicked for cheating before from here, or perform cheating activities elsewhere. I can't stand cheaters and I don't have a good relationship with any of them.

Stick around a few weeks, and if you continue to do good, I'll be happy to add you as TD.


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