Re: No wonder this ladders dead with the attitude of your only HTD

Re: No wonder this ladders dead with the attitude of your only HTD

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Posted by Rich_YPR (Gold Member) (Ranked 391 on Dominoes (Yahoo) Ladder) on October 08, 2001 at 09:24:25:

In Reply to: Re: No wonder this ladders dead with the attitude of your only HTD posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) on October 07, 2001 at 21:21:35:

: I play new players in series in 1/1, which most would not agree to. That is the time preference I will choose when playing people I do not know.

Well 1/1 is hardly a game; if ya want a ladder to grow, ya need to accomodate the new players to make em feel welcome :)
: For your information, I am one of the very few people that keeps playing in this ladder with some regularity. You will find my name as the most active player in every column, weekly results, monthly results, etc...
Of course, ya drove the rest away with your BS and threating them :)
: Now I don't know about everyone else here, but I don't think almost anyone around here can honestly accuse me of trying to kill the ladder.
Well the few I met on pm agree you're a b!tch, but I won't get into names :)
: Maybe YOU should do a bit of investigation before you speak.
I did, I read your BS you air so publically, and that's what I think of it :)
: We had a LadderOp at Cases a while back, but she was eventually left for reasons I don't wish to debate here. I report all irregularities I find here and have a good relationship with many Ops.
hhhhmmmm... you discuss the rest of your garbage publically...interesting
: I turned down a chance to become an Op before, and that was my option. But hey, why don't you run for LadderOp?
I plan on it :)
: Your opinions are welcomed here.
: If you wish to start up some personal attack against me because I declined your TD Application, I don't think it is very valid, considering you entered the ladder yesterday.
I was actually addressing the players to try and get you out of the only TD spot; so this ladder would have a chance of growing again :)
: I went to YPR, by the way, congrats, seems successful. As an user quickly passing through, I wasn't able to quite understand what game you guys are into. I assumed dominoes but could be wrong. I saw a lot of people with "YPR" in their names, which is interesting, because u dont see that many people with "cases" or "ladder" in their names.
Yup, it's dominones, and literati, pool, and possibly chess; still deciding if I should help this ladder regrow, or continue myy own chess ladder; which has accomplished 2 tourneys more recently then any here in chess.
: Because of the ladder's size, most games are played in Everest lounge, sometimes on the other ladder lounges as well. There isn't much use in advertising for a game in public. The best way is to know the active people and go to them directly. You could also try adding them to your pager.
Well that's just sad :( This is cases,, and with quality TD's and Ops open room could be packed with great people again :) Just needs a little effort.
: Welcome to Ychess Cases Ladder!
: And Good Luck! out there.
: Mercury_Atlantis
: HeadTD

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