Want to help those in NY/DC by using your Bux's? Then Read This!!

Want to help those in NY/DC by using your Bux's? Then Read This!!

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Posted by __Stone26 (Platinum) (Ranked 103 on Euchre (Pogo) Ladder) on September 20, 2001 at 12:53:48:

Hello everyone:

In an UNPRECEDENTED show of compassion, ABI has given me the ok to use LADDER BUX as a way to donate money to the Red Cross N.Y./D.C. victims fund!

I have created a ladder account on 3d Ultra Cool Pool (won) with 0 LADDER BUX to start. I used this game because in most menus, if you hit the 3 it is pretty easy to find.

Once enough BUX have been collected to buy the largest gift, Cases will take the money that would have bought the gift and instead of buying it, will donate that money to the victims fund. I am hopeful we can really gather some BUX for this. Even if we can just send a few hundred, that could help a family or child through this trajedy a little easier.

The great news is... you can donate EVEN IF YOU ARE GOLD OR NON PREMIUM MEMBER. Diamond and Platinum can just donate using the user editor. Gold and non premium members just have to email me with your ladder name and EXACT ladder you are on. I will then verify your information and that you actually do want to donate. Once this is verified, I will have the BUX transferred.

I'm sure I didn't hit on everything possible here, so if you have any questions, please let me know. If someone could post this in each game forum for others to see, that would help also. The account to transfer to is :

3d Ultra Cool Pool (won)

Thank you very much for your kindness and help in this matter!

Cases Ladder
If you need to email Zcore13 to make a donation his email addy is
I myself think this is a wonderful Idea. It gives those that can't help an oppurtunity to do so. If you are interested in how much has been donated already go look in Abi's Hideout.

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