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Re: Challenge...5 games

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Posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on September 11, 2001 at 19:09:58:

In Reply to: Re: Challenge...5 games posted by Westallgaeuer on September 10, 2001 at 22:22:24:

Excuse me, but...

Just because I am of the opinion of quitting rather than being indefinetely inactive, doesn't mean you should do the same thing.
I really don't give a damm either.

I will try to play 5 games that day because I believe I can find enough people if I try, and even though I am not trying to get this ladder alive, I am just wondering if I can do it.
I am practically sure you couldn't, but that's not the point.

: Muhahahahahahahahahahahaaha

You seem to have a lot of hate towards me.
Or maybe that was just a childish reaction.
I don't really care.
For the record, I don't really hate you, but I don't like you either, and I dislike some aspects of your personality.
You take this in whatever way you want, up to you.


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