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Re: Pyramid Rules Enforcement...

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Posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on September 11, 2001 at 18:52:47:

In Reply to: Re: Pyramid Rules Enforcement... posted by gay_guy101 on September 10, 2001 at 21:23:24:

I find it interesting you come in an IP address like with such name because you don't wish to use your own.

: Brain hasnt been around much, and these people could have been on vacation, therefore granting them exception from that rule, and even if they return, they dont have to make up all those games in one day for the whole week just because they didnt return on a monday. Also cases has a rule that drops a player to the bottom of the ladder if they dont play the person directly behind them or defend their rung every 3 days, this is obviously not being enforced, so no comparisons can be used.

Vacation = excuse.
People, mostly young adults like the ones in this case, do not take vacation on their first week of school.
Cases DOES enforce 3 day inactivity rule for the top 10. After every 3 days inactive, a top 10 drops exactly 5 rungs. Because many people are inactive, they fluctuate back and forth, but you can see in their records that they ARE being dropped down every 3 days they're inactive. Maybe you should do a little more research before posting BS.

: As for the pyramid archives, they rule and its the best website ive ever seen, but most people dont dwell on little things like this, but i guess it gets boring being suspended from the only fair ladder around and with people finally losing intrest in cases, that you are trying to bring people back here, but i dont think it will work. Oh well mercury, another failed attempt in my opinion, c ya around

About me getting kicked out of "the only fair ladder" out there.
Excuse me, but.... ROFL !
First... you abused my name without having the equivalent power on the yahoo ID, by keeping a name with faked records by YOU for 3 months. In these 3 months you abused me by posting horrible things with my Mercury_Kiss name.
You then boot me because SssLadder simply said I was rude to him. This is a lie, and you could never, and will never, proove that I was rude to SssLadder before I was suspended, because you just can't.
After I publicly announced the death of the redkillerus issue in the public pyramid forum, as an attempt of following your warning and putting a final note to it withOUT further arguing or continuing any provocation, you kicked me out again for challenging pyramid authorities.

Fair ladder?!?
About Lauwass using and abusing Scacco_Matto's name?
About Michael_Stackpole wrongly getting kicked for progging?
About Luxchamp_99 getting kicked for that?
About Bullet_9 getting kicked from that?
About Aka2zknight714 getting kicked for that?
About all the bended rules of defences?

Fair ladder???
A ladder where its leader posts fat lady pics making fun of me while I am a member there AND while he is issuing me a warning?
A ladder where its leader FAKES matches to and from an account with MY Mercury_Kiss matching Yahoo ID, which did happen.

Wake up and smell the coffee!

An attempt to bring this ladder back to life...
I've been attempting to kill it by participating a minimum and by not attempting to host many tournaments here.
The only reason why I post here is because I don't feel like joining the pyramid from school and this is a good public place where I don't invade someone's privacy as I would if I would write this to all pyramid members' emails.


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