Pyramid Rules Enforcement...

Pyramid Rules Enforcement...

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Posted by Mercury_Atlantis (Gold Member) (Ranked 1 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on September 10, 2001 at 18:51:09:

Rule 1.
Your Pyramid name must match the name you use in chat and play your matches with exactly. Your name may not be obscene or abusive in any way. If your Pyramid name is found to be abusive towards another user your account will be removed. Also, Pyramid IDs must contain no more than 3 underscores with none consecutive.

Lauwass changes his name to Scacco_Matto, votes for himself (Lauwass) as a joke for the Pyramid Hall of Fame, fools around with an honourable player's name as a school boy.
Brainsturgeon, says he is unaware of this issue, so he would take it up with the Pyrops. Now... if he didn't know before, why didn't he count "Scacco_Matto"'s vote for Lauwass? Even though it should never be counted...

Anyway, Lauwass remains at the Pyramid.

Rule 14.
If you are a Top 10 player you must play a minimum of 5 games per 7 day period against lower ranked players (defenses). The 7 days will run from 6 PM EDT/10 PM GMT/12:00 AM CET Sunday through the following 6 PM EDT/10 PM GMT/12:00 AM CET Sunday. Even though they aren't reported Pyramid games, draws are considered defenses. If you make a defense that results in a draw, please send the game date and time to to ensure that you receive credit for the game. The penalty for fewer than 5 defenses will be a 20 rank drop.

Westallgaeuer, benoni_the_kid and Ilduce3000 failed on this rule and remain top 10.
Westallgaeuer = 0 games in that week period.
Ilduce3000 = 3 games in that week period.
Benoni_the_kid = 3 games + 2 on Sept 2nd, Sunday, BEFORE 6pm EST. So only 3 counted.

Way to preserve a true image on the Pyramid, Pyrop Team !
(Shame that half of you are constantly absent, maybe you would have acted on this, still, quite a big maybe)


Go ahead and bash me as much as you want.
I really can't give a damm.
What I said above are facts taken from pyramid archives, it's all there for everyone to see, but apparently nobody speaks up. What's the matter? Not up to the challenge of a debate with the Pyrops?
Because it seems obvious to me they're not doing their job as they should, as clearly shown.

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