Gay Ladder - July 4th, 1999

Gay Ladder - July 4th, 1999

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Posted by brainsturgeon (Gold Member) (Ranked 123 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on August 16, 2001 at 08:54:53:

Dom, after a busy day spending Ladderbux.

From Case's Chess Forum - 7/4/99

Congratulations to Dom (oops….we mean Magic Harry of course ;-|)) for debuting at the top of the Gay Ladder!!!!! Roll out the red carpet for the other new kids on the block - thai_chess_player, ultraplayer00 and _phych_!

1. magic_harry_inc - Ahhhh that Dom!! Dom easily "dominates" the field here based simply on his many aliases: dominator_pawnbroker, sacred_knight, Leyenda, To_Jelica_With_Love, Geminimanx, Gemini Fleming, and now - magic_harry_inc!! Dom, we love ya man!!! Last Gay to debut at #1 was the immortal Patzmaus. This will be a tough Gay to "unseat."

2. omnipotent000 - This Yahoo Ladder Guardian continues to excel here on the Gay Ladder and in the Forum where he has become known as Captain Caption.. Coined the term "Deal with it!" Last seen dismembering Karen and feeding her body parts through a wood chipper.

3. chessvad - It recently became common knowledge that cv is a virgin, a trait he shares with many other latent homosexuals in their 20's. On-again, off-again relationship with brainsturgeon currently off due to 2 Knights Controversy. Known for smug, naive outlook on life. Coined the phrase "Fong Wong Long starring as Johnny Speed!"

4. ultraplayer00 - Outed this week when it was discovered that this young lad is really crazy_gm! Kudos to ultra for maintaining the cover lo these many months.

5. _phych_ - Edges out meeny for Most Annoying On Ladder. This reprobate also became the first recipient of the No Redeeming Qualities Whatsoever Award.

6. thai_chess_player - Sticky becomes only our third Gay Ladder lesbian (first two - suziss and lisamday). Nailed the 6th Gay Ladder spot after a quick "loss" to Dom on the Yahoo Chess Ladder moving Dom to 2nd and The Great Omni to 4th. How Gay!!! Coined the term "level" as in "brain, you aren't level."

7. turfviking - Witty, creative and original sign off's are this gay man's trademark!! Our favorite was penned in response to chessvad's long winded post about a Program Hunt he wanted to stage which involved setting up a position and having Omni sit (blindly) after 15 moves and play it out: "El Viking Los Wondering What Is Next Around Here."

8. acicchelli/chessisafungame/apricot_cat/postie_chess/doermefasolatido/al_capawn1000/electric_chess_company/calligraphy_2nite/whatakewlgame/laura_penrose19/sasha_elizabeth - The effort that it must take to coordinate this massive cheat ring merits aci the #8 spot in the Top 10. He's a humorless fellow whose only memorable contribution to Ladder lexicon was "naw" (and we think he heard that somewhere). Best recent rank manipulation was moving chess_fanatic from 17th to 34th in 3 hours. His life partner was our first Gay #1 - Assassin - but rumor has it that they have split. Last seen playing with boobies.

9. sanitation_center - Meeny drops to #2 Most Annoying on Ladder behind _phych_. The little fella continues to bounce back from various penalties, suspensions and rung drops. We applaud his moxie.

10. brainsturgeon - This Yahoo Ladder Guardian relieves stress by masturbating and farting frequently.

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