Worm Virus from brandon

Worm Virus from brandon

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Posted by Mr DrAw (Gold Member) (Ranked 31 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on July 26, 2001 at 07:19:11:

Guess this ychess ladder are full of hatred, if not whereelse somebody got my email address & would send me an attachment with worm that might mess up a pc?

Do I harm others that someone would like to destroy my pc?
Internet life's getting to criminal scene. Somebody shouldn't get away free from his action.
Few yrs ago, it's just insulting online, nothing more. During the 1 yr or so, hacking trend, then ..?
Soon, if somebody could kill someone over internet, that would happen for real! Geez.

Maybe I should make a suggestion that none of CASE members could know other CASE members' email address.

CASE should link our LN to our email add. w/o revealing our email address and the sender must log on as CASE member. By that way, only CASE member who logs in can send email to other CASE members.
that way there would be no unanimous virus sender.

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