Congratulations go out to Pope...

Congratulations go out to Pope...

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Posted by Mercury_Puzzle (Gold Member) (Ranked 19 on Chess (Yahoo) Ladder) on July 25, 2001 at 23:55:03:

For beating me on time in a best of 3 1/1 timer.

That_Pope, currently at Cases Ladder as caspian_fighter, has managed to beat me the 3rd time at cases, out of 15 games.

Congratulations, you now hold a record of 4 full wins against me, 3 at cases and 1 at gamecolony, having 12 losses at cases and 2 on pyramid.

I only investigated further after I lost, which I was rather surprised to lose in 1/1.
Yet, I lost only on time, and on position due only to time pressure, near the end, but it could be clearly seen through out the games that the lack of brain capacity was there, reason why the games were extended to over 80 moves, at which time I had no energy to continue the time fight and gave up the game.

You offered me a 10/0...

Hehe, highly unlikely of you.
Lets..., now that I know it's you.
Congratulations once more, for tricking me on who you could be.


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